Since 2013, our collaborative practice has encompassed performance, sound and publication works combining pop culture references and auto/biographical fictions. Constructing characters and embellishing ourselves. The work merges humour, gossip, failed aspirations, alter-egos and cultural criticism.

We treat our individual practices as constellational, talking alongside and with and over each other. Conversation and written communication is central to the way we create and produce our work. Our dialogue is two monologues clashing. 

Our recent research combines narratives including, but not exclusive to, Whitney Houston, TV extras, the sexual politics of soap operas, Gertrude Stein, Alice B Toklas, Princess Diana, early Hollywood cinema and Milli Vanilli; in the company of our real or imagined selves.

Contact us by emailing freyadooleycinziamutigli (at) gmail.com

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