Performance commissioned by Experimentica: About Time, the annual international live art and performance festival at Chapter,Cardiff. (50 mins approx)

April 2018

BEING SHARON is a performance about soap operas, expanded outside of the confines of the TV screen. The dialogue between us intersects personal anecdotes, with the lives and tribulations of a collection of characters, true-to-life, or not. The soap is responsible to 'everyday' lives, to 'everyday' people, every day... perpetual loops and comfortable melodrama. Simultaneously  mundane and spectacular.

The performance combines autobiography with fiction, to explore the sexual politics of soap operas and how snobbery, guilt and pleasure nestle alongside each other. Considering the soap's flattened politics, structures of belonging and social expectations,  we meander across narratives to critique and celebrate our favourite soaps and the lives they inhabit. 

Photos by Warren Orchard